8 Tips To Create Better Z Cards

Gone are the days when a beautiful Z card was all a business needed to create a good first impression. In this highly competitive 21st century, having a gorgeous font and lovely thick cardstock simply isn’t sufficient to bring the punters in. You’ve got to think a lot more creatively than this if you want to get ahead – and stay there.

You could, for example, print out a coupon or voucher on the back of your card that offers people a discount on their first order. Simplicity is key here since you want customers to be enticed enough to head to your website or pick up the phone and place an order with you – too much information or hoops to jump through and you could scare them off.

Alternatively, you could make your business card a lot more useful than just as a point of contact for the people you’re handing it out to. Why don’t you magnetise the back of your card book so that customers can actually use it for something, which may make it more likely that they’ll hang on to it. Or you could include function in the design of it from the get-go so that it can be used as a holder for hair clips, for example, or even a chair that can be used to hold a mobile phone.

And don’t forget the personal touch when handing them out to others in the first place. A little handwritten note will go a long way and make people think you really care about them and their custom.

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